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Water & Sewer Committee

If you are interested in being on the Water and Sewer Committee please email or call the Township Office at (705) 782-6601 x-1203.


Water and sewer billing is quarterly.

  • 1st quarter – January, February, March
  • 2nd quarter – April, May, June
  • 3rd quarter – July, August, September
  • 4th quarter – October, November, December

Residential Rates

Water meters are read at the first of each quarter and the resulting bills state the usage for the previous quarter. The bill is comprised of the flat rate plus any overages.

  • Water – $55/month Residentail/ $65/month Commercial – based on 15 cubic meters per month
    3-month flat rate for up to 45 cubic meters is 3 times $55 or $165.00 and $195.00 respectively.
  • Sewer – $25/month
    3-month flat rate is 3 times $25 or $75
  • The usage/consumption value is the difference between the current meter reading and the previous meter reading. Usage that is above 45 cubic meters is then charged an overage fee of $5.00 per cubic meter.
  • The township is responsible for pumps, scheduled pump-outs and maintenance of the water meters. The homeowner is responsible for any additional pump-outs, pump  and meter changes due to household mishaps such as toys being flushed in system and pipes freezing that in turn would damage the pumps &/or meters.
  • Each account/homeowner on the water system will also be charged an additional $100.00  WATER Capital Improvement Reserve fee billed annually and  a $50.00 SEWER Capital Improvement Reserve Fee also billed annually.

Pump-out Schedule

  • Family – every 4 years
  • Single/Couple – every 5 years
  • Businesses – every 5 years


4227_001_Water_Sewer_fee_Collection Bylaw 2021

DSB Form 05-17 Desbarats Annual Summary Report 2020




Download the: Township of Johnson Drink Water System 2016-06-17-DBS-DWQMS-Operational Plan-

By-Law 2013-730 – Sewer Rates June 2013

By-Law 2016-821 – Water Rate Structure Change