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Site Plan Control

A site plan establishes both design and technical aspects of development proposals and ensures that the project contributes to an attractive streetscape or development and blends in with the character of the neighbourhood or local area and meets the Townships (if applicable) requirements.

Site plan approval is regulated by Section 41 of the Ontario Planning Act. All water front properties in the Township of Johnson are designated by Council as a “Site Plan Control Area”. No person may undertake any development which is subject to site plan control unless the Township has reviewed and approved the required site plan drawings and the applicant has entered into a site plan agreement. To start the process, an applicant must complete and file an application for site plan approval with the Clerk of the Township. The application must be accompanied by site plan drawings which set out the details of the proposed development (i. e. location, dimensions and setbacks of all existing and proposed buildings, structures (i. e. decks & docks), the location of the sewage disposal tile field/bed and well, existing and proposed landscaping and the relationship of the lot to major physical features such as roads, water bodies and hydro easements. The Township strongly recommends that the applicant engage a professional to prepare the drawings. Once the site plan drawings are approved, a site plan agreement is prepared. This agreement contractually binds the developer to develop and maintain a site in accordance with the approved site plan drawings and the terms of the agreement. The agreement will typically set out the standards and specifications for the installation of the sewage disposal system, drainage and stormwater, entrance culverts and driveways and landscaping, particularly the protection of shoreline areas. Building permits are not generally not issued until the site plan control agreement has been approved by council and registered against title to the lands to which it applies.

As the Township both grows and redevelops, there is a need to ensure good urban and ruraldesign which provides for the needs of all citizens, minimizes potential conflicting land uses, integrates the built environment with the natural environment, and ensures new development fits in with its surrounding community.

Site plan approval is an essential component of the development review process. As such it is intended to:

  • Implement the objectives of the Official Plan;
  • Ensure conformity to the Zoning Bylaw and other appropriate bylaws and regulations;
  • Ensure sufficient municipal services and on-site facilities; and
  • Eliminate or reduce negative impacts on adjacent land uses.

To this end, the Township of Johnson is in the process of developing a Site Plan Approval Manual. The guidelines and required development standards items provided in this document will allow citizens, developers, Township staff and Council a common objective to work towards, as well as providing our community some level of predictability for new development or redevelopment.

Consult the Site Plan Approval Process Manual