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Public Works Department Roads Work Plan

This plan is the work considered as priority for the current year. Any number of things may impact the Public Works Department’s ability to complete all the work proposed, such as weather events, emergencies, additional direction from Council throughout the season, etc. Staff shall report to Council throughout the season on the status of the work proposed. Several of these projects are very large undertakings, but all are expected to be accomplished in-house with township staff and equipment. Please note that materials to be used are estimated.

Location Description Status
Government Road W. to Puddingstone

Change 1 cross pipe 450mm
Reset 1 driveway entrance culvert
Replace 4 driveway entrance culvert
Ditch clean-out 700 meters
1.8 km of ripping
30 loads of A gravel
1.8 km of hard surfacing

Margaret Street

Ditch clean-out 1200 meters
Prep for hard-surfacing

Government Road E. from Lake Huron to civic #4672

Change 15 driveway entrance culverts
Change 1 cross pipe
Ditch clean-out 2 km and eliminate one cross pipe
1.7 km of ripping (prep for hard-surfacing in 2022)

Carter Side Road at Gordon Lake Road

Change 1 cross pipe 16m x 2400mm and coupler
80 yards of B gravel
20 yards of A gravel
36 yards of 4-8-inch quarry stone
Ditch clean-out 1 km on hill

Gillespie Street

Ditching clean-out 100 meters
Dig out clay in road surface, replace with filter cloth and B gravel
Prep for hard-surfacing in 2022

Old Soo Road

Change 1 cross pipe 1200mm x 20m
60 yards of B gravel
18 yards of A gravel
Ditching clean-out on hills 2km

Old Mill Road

Ditching 800 meters to eliminate water currently flooding onto road
Change 2 field entrance pipes

Diamond Lake Road

Dig out clay frost heave about 30 meters and replace with filter cloth and B gravel
Prep same area to replace existing hard-surface area in 2022
Ditch hill at boat launch
Install new culvert

Fisher Road

Ditching 800 meters to eliminate water currently flooding onto road

Government Road East

Change driveway entrance pipe 9m x 450mm
Change cross pipe west of Fisher Rd 16m x 450mm
Reset entrance pipe 16m x 450mm

Maintenance gravel (various locations)

30 loads at various locations
Stockpile 20 loads of A gravel
Stockpile 20 loads of B gravel

Regular maintenance (various locations)

Grass cutting
When and if time permits, ditching on Desbarats Lake Road

Brushing (various locations)

With having our own equipment, it is hoped that the majority of brushing will be completed by spring. With current winter conditions is ideal weather and temperature to brush.

Building maintenance (various locations)

Staff are currently doing some long overdue inside maintenance at the water plant.


Change cross pipe 14m x 1800mm plus coupler
*60 yards of B gravel
*18 yards of A gravel

Not started