2023 Reg McHale Big Pike Family Fishing Derby

Registration is now open for the Annual Reg McHale Big Pike Family Fishing Derby taking place on Saturday, June 24th, 2023, 7am-2pm. Registration is easy! If you want to get out as early as possible you can now register online (below). If you wish to register the day of meet us at the Johnson Township Municipal Boat Launch & Docks at 7am on Saturday, June 24, 2023 and complete your registration forms. Registration is $20/Adult and $5/Youth aged 15 and under at the time of the derby, every registered Angler will get a prize!

Where and When Do I Launch by Boat?:

You can launch your boat right from camp if you register early online! Your other boat launch options are the Municipal docks or the public launch at Kensington Point Marina 400 Kensington Road.

If parking at the Public Docks, please park your truck and trailer at the old Stobie’s Restaurant site – we will have some volunteers around to help with parking. If you are launching at the Kensington Point Marina please make sure you park out of the way of the driveways and other launchers.

Where Should I be Fishing?

The competition is to take place on Lake Huron in the St. Joseph Channel. We ask you keep as close to Desbarats as possible to keep the contest fair for all levers of Anglers.

Where do the Funds Raised Go?

This annual event helps to raise funds for Johnson Township Recreation and the Johnson Township Volunteer Fire Department.

What Can I Win?

The grand prize for the longest Pike nose – tail is $500! Prizes will also be awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd runner-ups in both the Adult and Youth categories. Then we go down the list from largest to smallest fish to awards prizes and finally the remaining names will all go into the pot and prizes will then be awarded by drawing names. All registered anglers will walk away with some sort of goodie and maybe a story or two about “the one that got away”.

When and Where do I get my Catch Measured?

All catches must be submitted by 2pm on Saturday at the Municipal Boat Launch & Docks, to be included in the contest. In the event of a tie the winner will go to the earlier measuring check-in.

And the Food?

Cheryl’s Cafe located inside the Johnson Township Community Centre will be open early with a Coffee & Muffin special for $5.00. The Johnson Township Volunteer Fire Department will be mastering the grill from 12pm-3pm at the Johnson Township Municipal Docks with a Hamburger and Hotdog BBQ. All proceeds from the BBQ will go towards new equipment for the Volunteer Fire Fighters.

See you out on the water Saturday, June 24, 2023 7am-2pm.

Thank you so much for your interest in the 2023 Reg McHale Big Pike Family Fishing Derby. Online Registration has now closed. Join us at the Johnson Township Municipal Docks on Saturday, June 24th at 7am to register in person.