2023 Public Works’ Road Work Plan

Read Below for the Updated 2023 Public Works Department Roads Plan:




Colonization Rd

Drive way culvert

B gravel 30 yards

Gordon Lake Rd

Resurfacing from Suddaby Park to McKinnon Side Rd

Rip 2.8 km of old surface treatment

2 km ditching

2 cross culverts

Filter cloth

Grade raise between first and second bridge 30 loads B

Cap 2.8 km with A gravel

Old Soo Rd at Bell Pole 12

Change 1200 mm cross culvert

Grade raise over culvert

400 yards B gravel

Cap with A gravel

600 m ditching

Government Rd

Cross pipe just west of Fisher Rd, 75 yards B gravel

Cross pipe just east of Fisher Rd, 25 yards B gravel

A gravel for both 50 yards

Maintenance Gravel

25 Yard loads

10 loads Desbarats lake Rd

4 loads McClelland road E

10 loads Fisher Rd Gordon Lake Rd to Government

20 loads Fisher Rd, Deplonty to Hwy 17

10 loads Government Rd, Gordon Lake Rd to Fisher Rd

20 loads Government Rd, Fisher Rd to Twp boundary

2 loads Lantern Lane

10 loads McKinnon side Rd


Carter Side Rd 500m

Desbarats Lake Rd 200m

McKinnon side Rd 400m

Fisher Rd south of Deplonty 400m

Cora Dr

200m brushing

300m ditching

Install 2400mm x 20 m culvert

15 loads B gravel

15 loads A gravel

– Road side grass cutting

– Grading

– Dust control [calcium]

– Haul Sediment from lagoons to landfill

– Excavation work for office addition

– Landscape and construct entrance to Arena / North End

– Landscape for drainage around Arena

– Road patching

– Road Asset Plan Assessment

– Fence Lot Addition to Garage property

– Replace culvert in Lagoon driveway

– Prep site for Sand Shed construction