Notice from Algoma Public Health Team

Below is a message from the Algoma Public Health Team;

There has been an increase in inquiries from some of our partners for information on how to access COVID-19 vaccination receipts.  Clients can access their vaccine receipt in multiple ways as follows:

  1. On their own by going to the website .
  2. They can also find this link from our website under Vaccine clinics in Algoma.  Under Frequently Asked Questions there is a question that asks Where can I access my vaccine receipt and the link is provided.
  3. They can email a request to and we can send it to them.
  4. The client can call APH main line 705-942-4646 and enter the extension 3297 or call toll free at 1-866-892-0172.  If they leave a message we will get back to them and provide a copy of their record.  This may take 5 business days.

Best regards,

The Algoma Public Health Team