Public Works Implements Cost-Saving Measures

In a recent Roads Report to Council, the Public Works Department explained some cost-saving measures that they have implemented. The savings amount to approximately $30,000 this far. Please see details below.

Road Report to Council: Implemented Cost Saving Measures

Winter Sand – Late this past fall, Roads staff undertook an experiment and purchased sand untreated at a greatly reduced cost, compared to treated sand.  They did purchase a couple of treated loads and mixed then in at the township yard.  Knowing the sand could freeze hard and be unusable, it was anticipated they could use most of it in early winter and more as spring approached, with the balance being cleaned up and used on a job site in the summer. The savings amounts to approximately $8,322.00.

Culverts – Roads staff were asked to begin preparing long range plans for both ditching and hard surfacing/road maintenance. In beginning the development of the Ditching and Roads Plans, staff identified numerous culverts that were long overdue for replacement. Culverts that needed to be replaced as part of the prep work were also identified in the Roads Plan.  Taking the initiative ahead of the 2021 amalgamated tender, staff secured culverts at 2020 prices.  The anticipated price increase in 2021 was as high as 25%. The savings amounts to approximately $11,927.80.

Equipment Maintenance – In reviewing past practices with regard to normal general maintenance of equipment, Road staff have cleared maintenance practices with Equipment Warranty and will be performing general maintenance (oil changes, servicing) and repairs in house with our own Road staff.  No longer contracting the servicing of road equipment and doing the work inhouse, and by also doing the general maintenance and servicing on the trucks as well, there will be a substantial savings. The savings on equipment servicing (not including the trucks) amounts to approximately $30,979.00 over three years. Additional savings will come from doing in-house maintenance on the trucks.