2020 Big Buck Contest Registration Deadline, Sept. 30

The Big Buck Contest, with the help of local hunting enthusiasts Cory Moore, Terry Barber and others, is back for its 13th year. Hunters must register by September 30. Registration available at at McClelland’s Hardware and Feed, 17E Trading Post, Perry’s Gun Shop, Busting Water Tackle, Cheryl’s Café at the Arena, or through Cory Moore or Terry Barber.

Measurements of racks, winner presentations and draws will occur at an Awards event on Sunday, November 15. Due to Covid public health restrictions, Johnson Recreation is not sure that a supper will be possible this year, but one plan is to have an outdoor event under the Pavilion in the afternoon, with a simple BBQ and following physical distance and face mask guidelines. Currently, fee is just for registration, any food at the awards event will be extra and tickets will be made available upon announcement.