What are dump hours?

Wednesday 1-6 / Saturday 9-5

Wednesday 12-5 / Saturday 9-5

Why do we need to use clear bags?

Use of clear bags encourages recycling which the township strongly promotes as we have seen positive results.

When does half loading go on and off?

The answer varies, but a rule of thumb is April 1 until after the long weekend in May.

When do we put gravel down?

June 1st.

When do we put down calcium?

We put down calcium as soon as gravel is put down combined with some moist road conditions to allow the calcium to bind.

Why do we use calcium?
Calcium is an excellent dust suppression agent and it helps the road bind together to reduce the effect of washboard and potholes.

Why don’t we grade the roads more often?

We grade the roads as often as conditions permit. Ideal conditions are when the roads are moist. It is easier and less wear and tear on the grader. We also avoid grading the roads when there is rain in the forecast as it makes the road susceptible. We cannot let the water get into freshly graded gravel as it would turn to soup. Long spells of dry weather are when we get the most calls and our hands are tied in these circumstances.

Why is my road the last to get snow plowed?

We leave the yard and drop the blades right away; it is most cost effective to follow a certain path to minimize time and fuel spent on an operation that happens so often in northern winters.

How much snow do we allow to fall before we plow?

The forecast is a big factor. Our goal is to ensure that the roads are not accumulating enough snow to make navigation dangerous. 2” is what should be cleared off the road as it accumulates according the Minimum Maintenance Standards as set out by the Ministry of Transportation. The public will need to take the necessary precautions as well in poor weather. Roads that have not been plowed yet need to have drivers proceed with extra caution. We have 2 pieces of equipment to get 8 or 10 hours of clearing done, some roads are going to have snow on them for a significant amount of time longer than others. Once the roads are cleared by the grader, the truck will follow with sand, providing there is not further snow forecasted. In cases where snow is due to fall soon after an initial snowfall, hills and corners will be done to minimize the cost of sand usage.

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