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COVID-19 Information for Camp/Cottage Owners

Public health officials advise Ontarians to stay home as much as possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19. When people do go out, they must take steps to maintain physical distancing.

If you must travel to your camp/cottage or second residence, follow these guidelines:

• Do not travel if you or any of your family members require medical care or have symptoms of COVID-19.
• Do not use local health providers, unless it is an emergency.
• If you or anyone with you begins to feel ill or experiences COVID-19 symptoms, return home immediately.
• In the event of a medical emergency requiring transportation, be sure you can contact local authorities at 911.
• Purchase or bring provisions from home. If you must go out, use businesses with curbside pickup or delivery if possible and maintain 2 metres of physical distancing at all times.

Tips for staying healthy:

• Travel with immediate family members who live with you.
• Do not visit others outside of your immediate family.
• Practice physical distancing. Maintain a two-metre distance from all those who do not reside in your household.
• Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly.
• Take required prescription drugs and medical supplies with you.
• Avoid tasks that may result in injury.

Call: 705-942-4646, ext. 3273 or

1-866-892-0172 ext. 3273

Click on the following link to view the PDF from Algoma Public Health: COVID-19 Information for Camp/Cottage Owners