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Why don’t we grade the roads more often?

We grade the roads as often as conditions permit. Ideal conditions are when the roads are damp. It is easier, and causes less wear and tear on the grader. We also avoid grading the roads when there is rain in the forecast as it makes the road susceptible. We cannot let the water get into freshly graded gravel, as it would make road conditions worse. Long spells of dry weather are when we get the most calls and in these circumstances, our hands are tied. In having very wet roads and spring snow falls this year, along with the cold weather, it is making it very difficult to get out. We understand the roads need grading, and we are waiting for the right weather. We ask for your patience and understanding at this time of year.

When do we put gravel down?

We begin approximately June 1st, based on when the supplier of gravel is available.